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Hair transplant men

Hair transplantation for both men and women is now commonplace. For men or women who are suffering from hair loss problems, a hair transplant is the best possible solution to solve their problem. We are a purely Czech company that has years of experience in this field and we have personally gone through it ourselves. Come with us on a journey to your new hair in prestigious clinics in Istanbul, where we are changing the lives of many people who have been plagued by this problem for years.

Beard transplants

A beard transplant is a surgical procedure that 100% restores or enhances the growth of facial hair on the face or areas where growth is sparse or completely absent. With such a transplant, you can permanently solve your problem of sparse beard, or the styling that you have been lacking. At our clinic, we can customize the appearance of your beard to your liking.

Hair transplant women

Most women take great pride in their hair and excessive hair loss can take them by surprise and scare them. Hair loss is a perfectly natural continuous process, but excessive hair loss is not. There can be many causes behind increased hair loss, more so in newborns, adolescents and, of course, seniors, or during hormonal changes. However, if you don't fall into any of these categories and your hair is starting to thin, you should start looking into why this is the case.

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